Our Ethos


Jovonna London, founded in 2007, is a family-owned and ran business, mirroring the values at the brand’s core. Founder and Creative Director Jojo designs each and every garment with care from her Putney based studio.


Reducing waste


At Jovonna London we are continuously working towards reducing our waste and are consciously trying to use more natural materials such as wool, linen and cotton where possible.


As a small brand, we do our best to reduce unnecessary waste of fabric and trimmings. Many of our accessories are made from repurposed fabrics from our mainline collection. We are finding innovative ways to recycle the leftover yarns and buttons we use for our designs to help us reduce our impact on the environment.


Founder Jojo aims to create pieces that are designed to last by championing classic and timeless fabrics and design. She says‘I want my pieces to have longevity, to be something worn over and over and passed on to others after use’.